Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900 top deals

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  Product Features
Powerful 12-amp motor; deep cleans with hot tap water and carpet solution
Five spinning/scrubbing brushes clean carpets, upholstery, and bare floors
Clean Surge feature gives extra burst of cleaning solution for spots or stains
Two water tanks separate clean and dirty water
Brush rotation indicator; 8-foot hose; 1-year warranty

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  Product Description
This powerful home steam vacuum saves you the expense and hassle of having to rent a steam cleaner to keep rugs, upholstery, and bare floors (other than hardwoods) looking like new. The powerful 12-amp motor combined with five spinning brushes that operate at either high or low speed lift the dirt and grime out of carpets. By pulling on the trigger in the comfortable upright handle, this deep cleaner releases the included carpet/upholstery cleaner and hot tap water.

For more stubborn stains or for high-traffic areas, this SteamVac also has a Clean Surge feature, which sends an extra blast of cleaning solution into the stain by simply pressing a button on the handle. When cleaning is complete, release the trigger and the SteamVac forces hot air into the cleaning path so you can do a few dry strokes over the stain.

This deep cleaner has two separate water tanks to keep clean water apart from dirty water. The top tank holds the detergent and one gallon of hot water and automatically mixes the two so you don’t need to get your hands wet. The lower tank holds the dirty solution picked up from the carpet and unlatches to easily pour out into a sink without spilling.

For cleaning stairs or upholstery, this deep cleaner has a long 8-foot hose and a special stair/upholstery nozzle to scrub out spots. Other features of this deep cleaner include a brush indicator, which informs you that the brushes are spinning; an on/off foot pedal; a handle release pedal; and a 20-inch wraparound cord. The Hoover SteamVac is covered by a full one-year warranty.

Hoover SteamVac Features

• SpinScrub - multi-directional brushes surround carpet fibers, to remove dirt at every angle

• 3-Speed Brushroll Control - High for normal cleaning, low for gentle cleaning, off for spill pick-up

• Tool Mode - stops scrubbing brushes to protect hard flooring

• Removable Brushes - pop out for easy rinsing

• Clean Surge Control - fingertip control applies extra detergent to stains and heavy traffic areas

• Heated Drying - applies heat to floor to speed drying time

• 8' Stretch Hose - provides instant extended reach

• Dual Tanks - easy-to-fill tanks keep cleaning solution and dirty water separate

• No Belts - never change or replace or break a belt

• Powerful 12-amp Motor - has all the power needed to get floors truly clean

• Carpet/Upholstery Detergent - Includes one 16 oz bottle of powerful cleaning detergent

• Limited one-year warranty

• On Board Tools: SpinScrub Powered Hand Tool puts hard-to-reach cleaning in the palm of your hand: perfect for stairs, upholstery and stains A clear nozzle allows you to see how well the SteamVac is cleaning your carpets The SpinScrub brushes are easily removable and can be rinsed to maintain performance The included detailer tool is great for cleaning stairs or tough stains


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