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Wagner 905 1,500-Watt On-Demand Power Steamer and Cleaner best buy

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  Product Features
1,500-watt steam cleaner and wallpaper remover
Pressurized system removes wallpaper; kills bacteria; sanitizes grills
Pre-heat time: 12 minutes; run time: 45 minutes (continuous)
Includes accessories
Weighs less than 18 pounds

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  Product Description Product Description
cleaning and wallpaper removal is faster and easier than ever with the Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer. This system provides 1,500 watts of deep sanitizing steam that you can control with the touch of a button. Because it uses just water to cleanse, sanitize, and remove wallpaper, the Wagner 905 will save you money and will help you keep your kids and pets safe from dangerous chemicals.The Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer package includes:
Wagner 905 On-Demand Power Steamer
Window/tile squeegee
Flooring cleaning head
Floor cleaning pad
Two extension tubes
Measuring cup
Fill funnel
Assorted utility brushesThis chemical-free steamer powerfully cleans and sanitizes without leaving residue. Chemical-Free Cleaning Leaves No Messy Residue
The 905 Power Steamer's 1,500 watts of pressurized steam cleans and sanitizes deep within surfaces. The steam destroys bacteria, dust spores, and mites and even eliminates mildew quickly and easily. And because the steamer operates without chemicals, it leaves no messy residue behind. You can safely steam hard surfaces, upholstery, and even carpet--everything from grimy barbeques and greasy stovetops to pillows and curtains.
On-Demand Steam Provides Maximum Versatility and Power
The 905 Power Steamer features on-demand fingertip control for easy handling and precise cleaning. With just a touch of the button on the ergonomic handle, you can choose either continuous steam or intermittent steam to match the steamer's output to the job at hand.

Steam Cleaning Accessories for Versatile Use
The 905 Power Steamer comes with an assortment of steam cleaning accessories that will transform it from a wallpaper remover to a steamer that will clean and sanitize your home.

The 905 Power Steamer's system includes a wallpaper steam plate, floor cleaner attachment, window/tile squeegee, two extension tubes, and jet nozzle. For added convenience, there's also a measuring cup and funnel for filling the tank.

The Wagner 905 Power Steamer is backed by a one-year limited warranty.

Portable Design Lets You Clean Anywhere
Cleaning around the house is made easy thanks to the 905 Power Steamer's smart design. The steam hose allows you to clean hard-to-reach areas, and the tank provides up to one hour of continuous steam with just a half gallon of water. Plus the steamer is lightweight, and its front and rear wheels make for easy mobility.

Removes Wallpaper in Just One Step
The 905 is Wagner's most powerful wallpaper remover, removing wallpaper up to 20 percent faster than non-pressurized steamers. The included wallpaper steam plate makes it easier than ever to remove wallpaper and paste without using any chemicals. Simply hold the steam plate flat against the wallpaper for 15-20 seconds; the steam will release the wallpaper's adhesive, letting you remove the paper with ease. This one-step process even works on multiple layers and vinyl.

What's in the Box
Wagner 905 Power Steamer; window/tile squeegee; flooring cleaning head; floor cleaning pad; two extension tubes; measuring cup; fill funnel; and assorted utility brushes.
Use this versatile tool indoors and out for effective steaming, deep cleaning, and wallpaper removal.

On-Demand Steam for Maximum Versatility and Power!

The new Wagner 905 Power Steamer is a pressurized steam system that supplies steam at the touch of a button. The 905 is Wagner's most powerful wallpaper remover. The pressurized steam removes wallpaper up to 20% faster.

The 905 Power Steamer is not only great at removing wallpaper, it is a versatile system that allows you to quickly clean and sanitize your home. The powerful steamer can clean grimy barbeque grills, greasy stovetops, bathroom fixtures, floors and much more.

The 905 Power Steamer cleans without chemical and will never leave a messy residue.

Product Features

• ON-DEMAND Fingertip Steam Control for continuous steam or intermittent steam.
• Remove wallpaper 20% faster than non-pressurized steamers.
• Steam cleaning actions kills bacteria beneath the surface to sanitize.
• Chemical-Free, no messy wallpaper remover chemicals and no chemical residue left while steam cleaning.
• Fast, effective and safe.

What's in the Box

• Window/Tile Squeegee
• Flooring Cleaning Head & Pad
• Two Extension Tubes
• Measuring Cup and Fill Funnel
• Assorted Utility Brushes


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